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What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet pages you are accessing (Web sites, FTP archives etc.). The data you request is sent to the proxy first, and only then the proxy server transmits the data to you.

Why would I need a Proxy Server

There are many possible uses of proxy servers. One of them is:
Anonymity: With some proxy servers, you can surf internet anonymously.
Unrestricted surfing: Companies sometimes block part of internet. With a proxy server, you can surf blocked sites.
Speed: Some proxies have web caching enabled. This means, that when a proxy transfers a web page, it remembers it. The next time you request the same page, the proxy will serve you from it's own memory instead of requesting that page again.

What is the difference between http and web proxy server?

Both servers are quite similar. the difference is mostly in use:
HTTP proxy: is a proxy with ip and port. To use it, you have to configure your browser just once. WEB proxy: you don't have to configure anything. Just visit the address of the web proxy (eg.: http://web.cool-proxy.net) with your browser. Enter URL you want to visit there (eg. www.google.com)

How do I use proxy server?

You have to configure your web browser to use proxy server. Configuration depends on your browser. Some examples:
Firefox: Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> (Connection) Settings... -> Manual Proxy Configuration. And enter proxy address and port you find on our page. More info
Internet Explorer: Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> "Selct Use a proxy server" and enter proxy address and port. More info
Opera: Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Proxy Servers... -> Select HTTP. And enter proxy address and port you find on our page
Safari: Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Proxies -> Manual proxy configuration -> And enter proxy address and port you find on our page in the space for HTTP proxy.

What is Anonymous proxy?

Anonymous proxy is a proxy that hides your IP. That way you can surf internet anonymously. That means, that the web page, you're visiting can't find your real identity.

What should I be cautious about when using anonymous proxy?

You can't expect 100% anonymity from a free proxy.
You should be very cautious using proxies to access password protected areas. Some free proxies are configured to collect passwords to abuse them later. Don't use proxies to access protected areas (paying with credit cards, e-mail account access, ...) unless you're totally sure which proxy you're using!

The proxy I use doesn't work

There could be several reasons:
1.) The proxy server is operational, but might be very far from you. It takes quite a while for the response to reach your computer, therefore, you might think the proxy doesn't work. Try another proxy.
2.) The proxy might be busy at the moment (too many users). Try it later.
3.) This proxy server is a corporate proxy: it has a list of allowed users.
4.) And finally... you might have configured your proxy incorrectly.

Are the proxies free?

All proxies on this page are free of charge to use. We try to cover our expenses with few banner on the page.

Why choose HTTP proxy?

Http proxy is generally a more "internet compatible" choice than web proxy: many web pages don't work well with web proxy. Also, you can configure http proxy just once.

Why choose WEB proxy?

The best thing about web proxies is, that you don't need to configure anything. Simply visit web proxy page, enter the desired web address and surf. There are some additional options (most used):
Encode URL: You don't want your boss, to see, which pages you've visited. Encoded urls will seem like jibberish to every IT guys.
Remove scripts: Sometimes, web pages need JavaScript to work correctly. Untick remove scripts to watch pages like that.

What is the format of HTTP Proxies on this page?

Proxies on this page have a standard format: ip_address:port
IP address is the address of the proxy (e.g.
port is a number from 0 to 65535.
You have to enter both (ip address and port) into your browser to use proxy.

How should I choose the http proxy?

It all depends on what you need from the proxy. For example:
Unblocking internet: Go to Proxy List. Sort proxies by Rating. Choose the ones with hightes rating (at least 95%) and smallest Response Time
"Surfing from another country": select an anonymous proxy (or a normal one) and sort by country. Select as for previous example.

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